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Flügel CSS sharpening steels

Ceramic coated Sharpening Steels for slaughterhouses and butchers

Round sharpening steels, stainless steel 18/10, material no. 4301, tungsten-carbide coated, suitable for dish-washers. The rough surface of these sharpening steels is similar to the well known “medium-finecut”, but with increased efficiency, that means a higher grinding-result.

Andere machen Messer, wir machen Wetzstähle!

Oval sharpening steels, made of chromvanadium material, hardness HRC 64, chromium oxide coated. The surface is very fine, comparable to a polished steel. The knives will be kept much longer in a sharp condition because the efficiency is not only equivalent to the sharpening with a normal steel but also to the previous use of a grinding-machine.

Andere machen Messer, wir machen Wetzstähle!

For both surface types (tungsten-carbide and chromium-oxide) we can say that under a professional use they don’t break, they are resistant against stroke with a hammer and they are harmless for the food. Compared to the previous hardchrome-plating the tungsten-carbide and the chromium-oxide coated surfaces show a multiple higher wear-resistance.