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Flügel CSS sharpening steels

Diamonds Revolutionize…

The Sharpening of Knives!

Experience the sharpness of a Diamond honed edge. In performance and handling, the following attributes lift the Diamond coated Sharpening Steel above the masses of other sharpening tools.

Andere machen Messer, wir machen Wetzstähle!

1:The state of the art synthetic handle conforms to the shape of your palm – left handed or right handed.
2:The handle is ergonomically shaped. For your safety it features a big finger guard.
3:Additional hard-chrome plating gives the surface even greater abrasion resistance.
4:The Diamond particles of a particular shape ensure optimal honing of the edge.
5:The handle molded of renowned Polypropylene is dishwasher safe.
6:Depending on the size of the Diamond Steel, its surface is coated in a special process with up to 2 million diamond granules.
7:The core of the sharpening tool is solid chrome-vanadium steel and therefore stainless.
8:The extremely fine granulation guarantees a smooth, sharp and extremely durable edge.


Round diamond coated sharpening steel
Round diamond coated sharpening steel