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Flügel CSS Stanztechnik Stanzteile

Punching technology - flexible and customer-oriented

Manufacture of small, medium and large volume series of punching parts, up to 300 t pressure
Supplier for:
    Cutlery and tableware industry
    Consumer goods industry
    Mechanical engineering
    Agricultural machinery
Difference way presses and automatic punching machines with high transformation degree for the manufacture of precision parts
Large manufacturing range
Wide material pallet
Tool conception, construction and tool maintenance

Our machines are available to you
Machine type Pressure
max. belt
Table dimensions
level (mm)
Difference way press as automatic punching machine 3000 400 x6 1400 x 800 550
Difference way press as automatic punching machine 1250 300 x 6 1000 x 700 385
Automatic punching machine 650 260 x 3 700 x 500 300
Eccentric press with feed 630 300 x 2,5 600 x 520 270
Eccentric press with feed 450 85 x 2,0 800 x 450 270
Eccentric press for inlaid work 100-1500      
Difference way press for inlaid work 1000   1000 x 700 385
Milling, drilling and thread cutting machines