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Flügel CSS sharpening steels


The success of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. Top quality combined with active environmental protection as well as socially and legally compliant conduct are the premises for our success on the market. FLÜGEL CSS GMBH & CO. KG implements the tasks needed for this by setting objectives and guidelines.

To reach the highest objective of customer satisfaction, all of the corporate organisational means are made available and used economically. Our products and services must assume a top position compared to the competitors and the name “FLÜGEL CSS“ must be synonymous for outstanding quality.
  • In order to carry out this requirement, objectives and improvement programmes for the continuous improvement of product and process have been defined together with management and the implementation of these objectives and improvement programmes tracked. This also includes demanding environmental goals.
  • Every employee is aware that he/she is personally responsible for the quality and environmental requirements. The consciousness of every single employee is focused on the continuous prevention of defects using the goal of the zero-defect philosophy. Our management and employees are trained to meet these high demands.
  • Through the active inclusion of our suppliers in the objectives, we achieve optimal solutions with products and processes.
  • Monitoring and continuous advancement of these demanding tasks are continually performed by the quality assurance officer at Flügel CSS.
The sustainable success of companies is only possible if economic and ecological requirements are balanced. Taking technical and economic necessities into account, this gives rise to the following – for us obligatory - action guidelines:

Within our company:
  • Avoidance of unnecessary environmental impacts and if possible, the substitution of hazardous sub-stances.
  • Reduction of environmental impact through the economical use of resources as well as emission and low-waste production technologies.
  • Promotion of the environmental consciousness of all employees.
Outside our company:
  • Advising our customers with regard to product selection, product handling and the environmentally-friendly handling of our products.
  • Preference of suppliers who meet the environmental goals of our company.
  • Communication with authorities, experts, etc. with regard to the arrangement of corporate processes and environmental performance.
Social competence and acting within the law are the basic prerequisites for sustainable success on the market. The integration of all employees into the corporate process is part of this.
  • The company respects the goals of the BSCI code of conduct/ SA 8000 for dealing with employees, health and safety at the workplace as well as the legal guidelines involved.
The documentation and continual further development of our integrated management system is found in the management handbook, comprehensive operating instructions as well as defined work and inspection instructions.

Management of FLÜGEL CSS GMBH & CO. KG